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PET Bottle Manufacturers



Though you might not realize it, dry compressed air affects each and every unit in PET bottle manufacturing.

Use of Compressed Air in  PET Bottle Manufacturing

  • Forming
  • Mold Press Powering
  • Tool powering
  • Injection molding
  • Blowing work piece from production molds
  • Clamping
  • Conveying plastic pellets
  • Cleaning


In PET bottle manufacturing units, generally following compressed air powered pneumatic Systems are used :

  • Pneumatic Control and Actuators
  • Forming Machine
  • Cutting equipment
  • Adhesive Station
  • Conveying Machine



A major problem in compressed air systems is the presence of water, dust particles, oil (oils particles are introduced by lubricated air compressors) and solid contaminants which can adversely affect air quality.

If the contaminated compressed air will be used through pneumatic tools and machines then there will be following problems :

  • Malfunctioning of pneumatic tools and machines
  • Sluggish and inconsistent operation of valves and cylinder
  • Corrosion in pipe lines, cylinder and other components
  • Increase in downtime
  • Increase in maintenance cost of pneumatic machines / tools / controls.
  • Freezing in exposed lines during cold weather.


Moisture in compressed air also leads to  problems like :

  • Loss of clarity i.e clouding of PET bottles / containers
  • Loss of strength of PET bottles / containers
  • Contamination of PET resin
  • Internal bubbles / pockmarks in the bottles / containers

Dry  and uncontaminated compressed air is must for PET blow molding process.


The Delair Solution

Remove  water, dust particles, oil (oils particles are introduced by lubricated air compressors) and solid contaminants from compressed air.

Delair offers wide range of refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryers which removed water / moisture from compressed air.


Delair refrigeration dryers

This dryer operates on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture and reheating it to approximately 10°C below the incoming compressed air temperature at nominal conditions.


Delair Adsorption dryer

The dryers is based on the principle of heatless regeneration and the physical properties of their desiccant to adsorb and desorb the water vapour, It uses pressure swing principle / purge air to regenerate the desiccant bed.



Delair also offers Pre Filters and Oil Filters which removes dust particles, oil particles and other types of solid contaminated  present in dry air.


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